Do you have a spacious deck or terrace? Have you considered turning the space into a birdhouse? If so, we have tips to help you achieve this in several simple moves. Los Angeles Cable Railing is a reputable railing company that has served hundreds, if not thousands, of clients, allowing us to pick up different ways to enhance curb appeal. One of the popular trends is called “bird garden”, which entails creating a small oasis of biodiversity. Property owners with a spacious terrace or balcony can attract birds using certain plant varieties. Here are tips to help you create a bird-friendly outdoor space.

Select the Right Plants

The bright-colored and strong-scented plants attract different types of birds. Since many plants fit this description, we recommend aromatic herbs, especially the colorful ones that produce seeds. Significant examples include rose hips or sunflowers, which attract birds and feed them. If it is your first time growing plants on your balcony, consider working with a trusted botany supplier to ensure you grow plant varieties suited to the area’s climatic conditions. Other plants ideal for a bird garden are climbing plants like ivy, shrubs of the cotoneaster genus, hawthorn, aromatic plants, and fruit trees.

Welcome the Birds with Water and Food

Once you have selected the right plants for your balcony and birds start coming to your premises, ensure there’s water and food available. The goal is to make your guests feel welcome, and strategically placed food between the branches or covered by a small roof is the perfect setting. Suitable food options for small birds include fresh or dried fruit, chopped corn, bread crumbs, and wheat. You can also create a birdhouse from recycled materials like plastic bottles, wooden frames or old glass jars and place them on the balcony.

Place Artificial Nests

Another excellent idea to welcome birds on your balcony and encourage them to procreate is to create artificial nests. Whether you purchase or create them yourself, they can provide refuge for birds in the area. The best time to place an artificial nest is early spring, around March. Most artificial nests are made from wood and have varying dimensions. There are other types of nests crafted from cement and clay.

Use Anti-Collision Stickers

If you have large glass doors, windows, or walls to enhance the view, put up anti-collision shapes to deter birds from running into these surfaces. Anti-collision stickers simulate the presence of other birds, preventing host birds from coming close to the Glass. The last thing you want is a broken window or a dead bird after running straight into the Glass. Glass is considered dangerous for birds because it is transparent and reflects the surrounding environment.

If you hire us to install glass railings, our technicians can help you protect your investment and the well-being of the birds. These tips will help you enjoy the warm period and build a diverse natural balcony. Contact us at Los Angeles Cable Railing today to enjoy top-quality railing services and leverage our extensive knowledge to improve your premises.