Having a hammock on your balcony can provide a great place to relax, read a book, or nap, but if your balcony has no areas where you can drill anchor points into the walls, you may be wondering just how you can have a hammock in this space. We’ll go over a few options that can work for you!

Hang from Railings

Hanging your hammock from the balcony railings is probably the easiest and most straightforward option you have available. You won’t need to do any drilling, and will only need a few basic hardware materials including carabiners.

Ensure your hammock can fit between two railings either straight across the balcony, or in the corner at an angle. Attach one end of the hammocks’ support cords to the railing and secure it by wrapping it around multiple times then locking it in place with the carabiner.

Do the same on the other end, only this time make sure you have the hammock at a suitable height. You want the hammock to be high enough that when your weight is added, it does not sink to the floor and drag or scrape. The empty hammock may seem higher than usual before you get in it, but this will prevent any issues once you are settled in.

One thing to keep in mind with your railings is that some railings are not rated for horizontal pressure, so be sure the railings are well supported and properly installed before you add your hammock to them.

Buy a Hammock Stand

If you don’t trust your railings to support the weight of a loaded hammock, you can instead purchase a metal hammock stand. These crescent shaped metal frames can easily support hammocks of all types, giving you a freestanding place to put your hammock without having to drill into the walls or use the railings for support.

One of the biggest benefits to a metal hammock stand is they are easy to move around. You can scoot it from one area of your balcony to another to avoid the sun, or you can easily move it when doing maintenance or cleaning on the balcony flooring.

Make a DIY Hammock Rocker

If you are more of a DIY type person, making your own hammock rocker is possible. Instead of a stationary stand, you can use bowed wood or metal tubing to create a support frame that adds a rocking motion while you have the hammock’s gentle swinging motion. Add crossed supports on either end to prevent you from rocking too far and tipping over as an extra safety precaution.

Building your own hammock stand or rocker also gives you the freedom of designing the exact shape and style you want. You can also specifically make the stand or rocker in the perfect size to suit your balcony, whether it’s a smaller area in a corner or a large open area in the middle of the balcony.