Spiders can be a nuisance in your home as well as on your balcony. The last thing you want to see is their nasty webs in the corners of the upper eaves or in between your vertical railings. There are a variety of ways to keep spiders away from your outdoor spaces, and we’ll go over several here.

Remove the Clutter

Spiders like hiding in and around cluttered areas, so try to keep the balcony clean and free from debris. This includes sweeping leaves and acorns from the trees, washing the walls, and ensuring potted plants are live and healthy with no excess overgrown stems or leaves spiders can hide in.

This also goes hand in hand with keeping other insects such as flies and gnats away. Spiders are attracted to areas where other food sources are present, so if you can eliminate anything that draws in flies or gnats, you will not give spiders a reason to visit your balcony.

One of the easiest ways to keep flies and gnats away is with an essential oil spray. Use citrus oils mixed with water or vinegar and spritz the corners of your balcony to add a pleasant odor for you, but a repelling odor for flies and other insects.

You should also minimize the amount of light that is on the balcony during the nights, especially in the summer. Small flying insects are drawn to lights at night, and in turn spiders will come to catch those flying insects. Instead of leaving a patio light on all night, only use it when you are on the balcony as well.

Add Some Plants

A variety of different herbs are natural insect repellants and look great growing in a pot as well. You can use floor planters in the corner of the balcony, or use railing planter boxes on side rails to keep these herbs close. Their pleasant odor will be nice for you, but unappealing for spiders and other insects.

Consider planting herbs like lavender, rosemary, or basil. Certain types of mint are also suitable options, though some may attract pollinating insects such as bees. You can also try sprinkling dried herbs or herb powder around the corners of the balcony if you don’t want to grow plants. Cinnamon and garlic are a great option for sprinkling around as their odor will linger for quite some time sending insects on their way.

Use Repellants

Citronella candles are a popular option for use on balconies. These fragrant candles produce a pleasant odor for humans, but a repelling scent for insects and rodents. Being an open flame, make sure you pay attention to the candle and never leave it burning unattended or within reach of children or pets.

Use a repellant spray such as straight vinegar, or vinegar with peppermint oil added. This spray is easy to spritz on the backs of chairs, around the edges of the balcony, and along the upper eaves as needed.