When you’re searching for a dinner experience that is a little different, look up. There are many rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles that offer fantastic food, fresh air, and a fabulous view. Whether you want that to be a ocean-side view, a stunning city skyline or the Hollywood Hills is up to you. In fact, there are so many rooftop restaurants in LA that you also have your choice of cuisine, casualness, and essentially any other feature of a restaurant that is important to you. Where should you start? You could choose one from this list of the best rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles.

1. Best for Breaktaking Views: 71Above

Address: 633 W 5th St, 71st floor, Los Angeles

Contact: +12137122683

Website: https://www.71above.com/

If a dramatic view of the city from very high up is your number one goal for a rooftop dining experience, then 71 Above delivers. At 71 stories up, you’ll sit directly next to the sturdy glass wall with a phenomenal view of the city (especially at night.) Or sit next to the chef’s counter or choose a private dining room. It’s great for events as well as your elegant evening. Whatever you choose, the view and the food are fantastic. Our favorite first is the crispy octopus, we recommend the grilled ribeye for second, and you cannot go wrong with the raspberry grantia for third. Honestly though, anything off this menu is amazing, and you can thank the dedicated executive chef, chef de cuisine and the pastry chef for that.


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2. Best for a Beach-House Style Experience: Elephantela

Address: 1332 2nd St, Santa Monica

Contact: 424-320-2384

Website: https://www.elephantela.com/

Yes, the Elephantela also made our list of the most romantic rooftop views in Los Angeles. It belongs on this list too, because it offers a view few can replicate. With class beach house style, it fits right into the ocean view. Look out on palms and white beachy architecture while you sip on their amazing cocktails. We like Ship Wreck with rum, lime, almond orgeat, nutmeg and amari float. But if you don’t want to lean that hard into the beach theme, try Blind Rabbit with mezcal, portobianco, lemon, ginger, pear, sage and sparkling water. By the way, if you’ll only be here once, be here at sunset because the orangey glow off the ocean is something special.


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3. Best for Fun-Loving Foodies: Perch Restaurant

Address: 452 S Hill St. Los Angeles


Website: https://www.perchla.com/

You can perch 15 floors above ground level and enjoy some delightful food at Perch Restaurant. The downtown view is phenomenal at night or during the day. You might have overlooked this one in your own search for the best rooftop spot because it doesn’t like much on Google Maps. But, it is certainly worth checking out. Its busy Instagram reveals some stunning reviews and some amazing-looking food. How does it taste? Reviews are outstanding, despite the small menu. If you’re a fan of restaurants that do only a few things, but do those things very well, this is the spot for you.


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4. Best for Before and After Parties: Rooftop at the Wayfarer

Address:813 S Flower St, Los Angeles

Contact:(213) 285-4400

Website: https://www.wayfarerdtla.com/

While some rooftops feel open, this one feels cozy—and we mean that in a good way. You feel sheltered by downtown when you’re here, and like you’re still apart of the city, not sitting above it. The Wayfarer offers a global food experience, by which they mean they offer everything from Ahi tartare to beef shortrib and sweet churros to cinnamon mascarpone. If you can’t decide between Hawaii, English, Mexican or French food, dine here are sample everything. A favorite Friday night haunt, the Wayfarer also offers an amazing Sunday brunch experience. Whether you’re starting your weekend or recovering from your adventures, dining here is a good idea.

5. Best for a Plush Experience: The Rooftop on Waldorf Astoria

Address:9850 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills

Contact:1 310 860 6666 (through the hotel)

Website: https://www.waldorfastoriabeverlyhills.com/dining/the-rooftop-by-jg/

Feel like journeying out to Beverley Hills? Los Angeles natives will enjoy this little trip, we promise. When you first look at this rooftop restaurant, the view is what will catch you. The city, greenery, and a gorgeous gradient of a skyline all look exceptional from here. The teal and green décor of the rooftop helps enhance the view, and it’s a lot more comfortable than seating on other rooftop restaurants. The experience is plush, and that includes the food, from roasted black cod with artichokes to a truffle cheeseburger with black truffle aioli. You can really treat yourself at this rooftop restaurant.

6. Best for a Breezy Lunch: Upstairs at the Ace Hotel

Address:929 South Broadway, Los Angeles

Contact: 213-623-3233

Website: https://acehotel.com/los-angeles/eat-drink/upstairs/

So, you want something a little lower budget than the Waldrof Astoria (who can blame you?) but which still has a great rooftop vibe? Upstairs at the Ace Hotel is a great option. Their food, including a great selection of taco plates, is all affordable but still fresh and delish. If you want, you can also add some interesting drinks to the mix, like a frozen alcoholic chiller (with a unique flavor daily) or drinks for two including buckets of beer or mimosas for two. It’s a simple but delightful experience, and one with amazing vistas over the city. Choose this as your perfect launching pad onto other LA experiences.

7. Best All-Round Rooftop Restaurant: Cara Cara

Address: 110 S Broadway, Los Angeles

Contact: +1 213 806 1027 (through the Proper Hotel)

Website: https://www.properhotel.com/downtown-la/restaurants-bars/cara-cara/

With an almost panoramic view above the Proper Hotel, a fascinating atmosphere, plus a pool and a firepit, Cara Cara has a lot going for it. If nothing on this list has truly made it onto your personal LA rooftop restaurant bucket list yet, we bet this is the place you’ll make reservations for. Cara Cara has the inventive Chef Suzanne Goin leading the helm, and award-winning sommelier Caroline Syne designing the drink pairings for your evening. It’s an upscale atmosphere that offers delights like vegan antipasto, heirloom tomato salad, lamb meatballs and mango pudding.