Our Railing Options

One of the most modern cable railing options, steel railings offer clean lines and an unobtrusive form. The simplicity of these railings is a benefit to all those who want other elements of their space to stand out, whether it’s quality deck material or the view of the sunset beyond. We offer a range of steel cable styles to match modern tastes, including traditional, flat bar and wooden top. You’ll find just the style that you need to make your space look cohesive.

Steel railings are strong and can withstand more than 300 lbs of lateral force. We build them to be fully code-compliant and virtually maintenance-free, so you can rely on them for years to come.

These systems are not just all steel from fittings to posts but also rely on a superior kind of cable: type-316 marine-grade stainless steel cables. These high-quality materials create a railing that offers superior resistance to corrosion, exceptional strength, and long-term durability. They can resist years of glare from the sun and resist damage from fires and other sources of weathering. You will need to perform virtually no maintenance on these systems, and once fully installed they will never need to be retightened.

As a railing material, wood can offer a natural, rustic, coastal or farmhousestyle. As a company, we use four-inch posts so that we can offer you a wider range of wood species to choose from without sacrificing the strength and longevity of your railing. Let us walk you through the range of exciting wood species and finishes you can choose to get just the railing that you need for your space. While wood is popular as a material for outdoor railings, it can be elegant inside too.

Glass railings are a popular choice for those who have buildings with large glass windows or highly contemporary architecture. We offer glass railings with the strength and stability of steel, but with a classic look that many people prefer. One advantage of glass is that small objects cannot pass through them as they do cable railings, which means pet owners and parents have a bit more peace of mind.

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