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In homes, apartments, condos, or commercial properties, if you need a railing, we can install an exceptional cable railing system. We specialize in truly custom railings that meet the unique challenges of your space. You can trust that it will look lovely, stand secure and be an asset to your property for a very long time.

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we take care to install only the best railing systems. In order to achieve this level of quality, we select our materials carefully. We work with industry-leading manufacturers and distributors such as Feeny, Cable Rail Direct, and Golden State Lumber. Local and high-quality go hand-in-hand.

Using these exceptional materials, we can install:

  • Star railings
  • Balcony railings
  • Hand railings
  • Safety railings
  • Rooftop railings
  • Observation point railings
  • Many more
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Preferred Materials for Our Railing Systems


We work with several types of cable, but our preferred option is type 316 marine-grade stainless steel cable in 1/8 inch. These are exceptionally strong cables that resist corrosion quite well, but they are also thin which means they don’t block your view very much.

While this is our preferred balance between thickness and tensile strength, we may need to use a thicker type of this cable for commercial applications which require more strength. We may also need to use thicker posts, which look better with these thicker cables.

We prefer to get CableRail® fromFeeny, Inc., but we will keep you informed of the cable we suggest for your specific railing.


Usually, we prefer to use swageless fittings as they allow us to use small 3/16 inch diameter holes. With the smallest holes possible, the railing ends up looking more sophisticated and modern. However, we may also use swaged fittings and surface-mount fittings to fulfill other needs. For example, surface-mount fittings allow us to keep the cable level when working on posts that are attached to a house or another building. Swaged fittings are useful on railing systems that has multiple directional changes, where they allow us to use fewer fittings overall and reduce cost and installation time.


We offer wood and metal posts to suit a variety of aesthetics and situations. The most important requirement of your posts is that they are thick enough to withstand the tension of the cables. We take this step seriously, to prevent loosening or buckling. Metal posts can withstand more of this tension when smaller, so stainless steel is a smart choice for those who want to have thinner posts and maximize their view.

From there, you should choose the posts that look best to you. We can help you choose a material and a finish that will create the look that you want for your space.

Other Railing Systems

glass railing installation

Glass Railing Installation

When you want a railing to suit a highly modern space, glass is an excellent choice. They look clean and can make smaller spaces feel larger.

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