Cable railings are those that have steel cables running horizontally from post to post. These railings offer many benefits and are typically made of higher-end materials, so they tend to be more expensive. That leads many people to ask: are cable railings worth it? We think the answer is yes because even though cable railings cost more upfront, they end up costing you less, both in money and stress, in the long term. Here are some things you should consider when deciding if cable railing systems make sense for you.

Avoiding Problems with Other Railings

Other railings may be made of inferior materials, which will develop problems over time. These problems could include:

  • Rust and corrosion: Metal railings made of metals that aren’t treated for their environment, especially a coastal environment, frequently develop rust and corrosion, which compromises their structural integrity over time.
  • Sagging and warping: Even cable railings made of lesser materials than ours will eventually sag and warp. This can reduce safety on the railing and make the railing look sad. It also reflects poorly on the rest of the property.
  • Bent rails: Railing types with vertical rails often bend and warp. This can allow your
  • Loosening: Most people have walked into a home and touched the main stair railing to find that it gives under pressure. This can undermine the value of the home and create safety issues.

When you choose high-quality cable railings, you don’t need to worry about these issues, which saves you a significant headache down the road.

Lack of Maintenance and Repair

Our cable railing systems will never need maintenance or repair. They will not need to be retightened, straightened, or otherwise fixed. The most that you will need to do is wipe down the cables and metal with a wet cloth. Not only is this highly convenient, it also makes your railing more affordable as you’re skipping the maintenance and repair costs that other railing systems incur.

Longer Lifespan of a Cable Railing

A cable railing has a significantly longer life span than other kinds of railings. This means that you will be saved the cost of early replacement that you incur with the other systems. If your cable railing lasts twice as long as the other railing systems you’re considering, then you can cut its total comparative cost in half.

Increased Safety, Reduced Liability

Sometimes the costs of inferior railing systems are hidden. What does it cost you, in worry, money and insurance payments when a poor railing system is the result of an accident on your property? For businesses, there is also the increased insurance costs for weak railing systems, heightened liability from accidents, and loss of reputation for accidents.

Cable railings offer superior strength to other systems, which means more safety and less liability.

Choose a Cable Railing

But, don’t just choose any cable railing system. You get the most value for your money when you work with a company that puts quality first. We guarantee that our cable railing systems will never sag, warp or buckle.