Installing a new cable railing for your home comes with a few different options including the material of choice, the length of the cable railing system, and the shape of the posts.

There are normally two choices for posts including square and round, with each offering a different set of pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at those differences now.

Square Post Pros and Cons

Square posts are extremely common and can be a great option for railing systems that want to maintain a durable industrial look, or a rustic theme. Square posts come in a variety of sizes, which can be adjusted depending on the overall length of your cable railing or the area the posts will be installed.

Square posts are generally easier to deal with when it comes to cable installation and ongoing cable maintenance due to the flat edge of the post. Installing and adjusting hardware on a square post is somewhat easier than installing the same hardware on a round post.

Additionally, square posts can be somewhat more durable than round posts. While both options are extremely durable and can meet and exceed all building code regulations, square posts are able to withstand more force which makes them great for supporting cables in an industrial setting.

For the individual that enjoys DIY projects, square posts are easier to fit with different accessories including hanging light brackets, flower brackets, and more. While the same brackets and accessories can be found for round posts as well, they are generally easier to find and somewhat more affordable for square posts.

Round Post Pros and Cons

Round posts come with a bit more requirements when it comes to certain mounting applications. While mounting brackets can be found easily for square posts, round posts may need more costly mounting plates or a different type of installation engineering to make it work in the same setting.

Due to these installation hassle, round posts can be slightly more costly than square. However, when comparing the two styles together, some aesthetic settings simply look better and more sleek when a round post is installed.

Round posts have a uniform aesthetic with the addition of the round high tensile cable, which can be a suitable look for commercial buildings, indoor installations, and more. For installation on yachts, sailing vessels, and floating docks, round posts simply work with the marine environment much better than a square post would.

Additionally, environmental factors can be considered as well. Square posts and top railings could potentially collect water, leading to surface mildew, algae, or mold growth. This will also require additional upkeep and cleaning, especially in humid or coastal environments.

Round posts, on the other hand, limit the chance for water to pool, reducing the possibility of algae, mold, and mildew growth on the exposed surfaces. The same can also be said for less UV exposure, preventing discoloration or other UV damage a square post would be exposed to.