When you have an ocean view, a cityscape, or just some lovely green space beyond your doors, it makes sense you want to highlight it. You may have even bought the property, in part, for the lovely views. But, aspects of your interior décor may either block the view or just don’t orient you towards it. You can use thoughtful design choices to help you enjoy more of the view, more often.

Add and Handle Large Windows Carefully

If you’re designing your home or doing major renovations, you can add more large windows. Modern style is all about large, even floor-length windows, which allow for the most visibility. But, most homeowners aren’t making these major changes, so what can you do if you’re not?

Simply put, don’t block windows. Remove shutters and other window dressings that can’t be fully retracted. Add on blinds or shades that can be fully drawn back so you can see the whole view. Try not to place decorative elements in front of your window, especially large things like couches and other furniture.

Orient Your Furniture to the View

Speaking of furniture, can you see your view from where you’re sitting? Simply turning furniture to look at your view can help you appreciate it more often day in and day out. Your main living room furniture should look at the view. But home office furniture, extra seating in your bedroom, dining room chairs, and other furniture may also be great opportunities to look out your window. Remember that if you’re looking at the window, you’re getting natural light, which can be great for mood and wakefulness too.

Choose Your Railing Wisely

What is getting in the way of your view right now? Railings are one common obstruction. Choose a cable railing design with thin rails that obstruct your view the least. It is easy for your brain to ignore small cables.

While glass railings are often used in modern design and look great in pictures, the pictures don’t tell you that the glass reflects light and creates odd, sometimes temporarily blinding effects.Glass railing systems can completely block the view at certain times of the day. If you really want to see the view more often, avoid glass.

Be Thoughtful with Lighting

Another thing that may block or interfere with your view is your lighting. Large lighting fixtures inside and outside may hang low enough to block the light. Outdoor lights or indoor lights that are close to your windows can also interfere with the view, depending on the light conditions outside. When it’s getting dark out, bright lights can prevent your eyes from registering the lower light conditions beyond them. So, if you want to enjoy a cityscape at night, you should either turn off the lights or install lights that can dim.

Consider the Details

While these may seem like small details, there are some interesting décor choices you can make to highlight your view:

  • Place mirrors to reflect the view and its natural light.
  • Paint your walls to match the natural colors in your view.
  • Use décor to help frame the windows or draw attention to them.

With a few small changes, you can get a lot more value out of your home’s view.