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Venice, CA is a lovely place to live and work. If you’re investing in your home or commercial property here, a cable railing system is a worthy inclusion that won’t undermine the lovely views you have. Cable railing systems offer strength, beauty, and low maintenance. We guarantee that ours will ever sag, warp, or buckle. Find out why getting a cable railing system installed to the highest standards can make your property better.

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Why Cable Railings?

There are many other types of railings, so why choose cable railings? For the same reason that we’ve chosen to specialize in them: they are simply better than every other option. They offer greater strength, safety, beauty, and more.

our team installed these railings that provide strength and safety
  • Strength and safety: The cables we prefer to use for our railing systems are rated to hold 14,000 pounds. With such high strength, there are almost no circumstances where they can break. They’ll hold up to the kids leaning on them or crowds leaning on them if on a commercial property.
  • The right looks: You can enhance the value of your property and its look with a cable railing system. We thoughtfully design them to reflect the style of the space that they are in.
  • Emphasis on the view: The cables used in our railings are quite thin and don’t block the view as much as you may expect. In fact, they distort the view less even than glass railings which can create light effects.
  • Flexibility: Cable railings can be used inside and outside, in residential and commercial properties, and essentially anywhere you need a railing. That includes staircases, rooftops, balconies, and more.
railing system with high quality wood and steel

Make Your Railing Your Own

There is a unique atmosphere in Venice, a free-spirited feeling in a place full of unique individuals. You might not think of a railing as a way to express your uniqueness or the special energy of your commercial property, but it is. You can get a cable railing that will enhance the beauty of your space and truly feel special.

For metal railings, we offer a wide range of metals and finishes. Choose neutrals like black and white to let your railing blend in, or choose a vibrant color to add more personality to the railing.

For wooden railings, we work with quality local suppliers to offer a huge range of woods and finishes. Choose deep woods to create a tropical look or lighter washed-out woods to make a coastal statement. We can advise you as to how to finish the wood to best create a look to match the rest of your space.

Don’t forget that you can also mix woods and metals to create railings with more complex looks. It is common to choose thin metal posts to keep the railing looking thin, but add a wooden handrail on top to add character and warmth to the rail.

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If you are interested in getting the best cable railing for your property, reach out to us. We offer high-end cable railing installations in Venice, CA and surrounding areas.

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