Quality Burbank Railing Installation

Originally, railings were about safety. With time, we’ve come to incorporate art and ingenuity to create beautiful railing systems that look stunning without sacrificing safety and reliability. A cable railing system is perfect for any home, apartment, condo, or commercial building when well-designed and installed to code.

And no one excels at designing and installing cable railing systems in Burbank than Los Angeles Cable Railing. With over 20 years in the industry, we work diligently to develop the best railing systems to complement your property and exceed your expectations.

our team finished this quality Burbank railing installation
a balcony railing installation done by our pros

A Wide Range of Railing Installation Services

Searching for the perfect railing contractor can be hectic, and we’re far from the only railing contractor in Burbank. But while other companies will cut corners to fleece customers and make a quick buck, we put the work in to install nothing but the best in durable and attractive railing systems.

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we offer many railing installation services, including:

  • Stair railing
  • Balcony railing
  • Hand railing
  • Safety railing
  • And more

Our railing systems prioritize safety while offering design flexibility, exceptional style, and durability.

Our Cable Railing Options

Here are some options we offer in Burbank:

Steel Cable Railing

Take your deck, staircase, or balcony to the next level with our steel cable railings. Our systems are made from all-steel parts, offering clean lines and unobtrusive forms. Our steel cable railing systems are also highly customizable, making them the best choice for those that prefer a unique look and feel for their balcony or deck.

a deck steel cable railing installation

Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Stainless steel cable railing systems are the gold standard for sleek, modern designs. Our type-316 marine-grade stainless steel cables are corrosion-resistant and typically suitable for all environments. They’re maintenance-free and can withstand years of exposure to the sun, rain, and other weather elements.

stainless steel railing

Steel Cable Railing with Wooden Posts

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we use standard 4-inch wooden posts so as not to sacrifice the strength and durability of your railings. Always installed to your local building codes, our wooden posts and steel cable railing systems are strong and geared towards more classic aesthetics, such as eichler or craftsman homes.

cable railing system with wooden posts

Why Choose Our Team?

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we have the expertise and experience to complete all of our railing installation projects on time. Our team is comprised of licensed and insured professionals whose efficiency minimizes the risk of project delays. From site inspection to railing installation, we work to provide lasting solutions that match, if not exceed, your expectations, on time and within your budget.

Our team uses the best quality materials to ensure your railing system will look and feel as good as the day it was installed, even years down the line. And to us, the safety and reliability of our railing installations are a top priority. We build innovative and durable railing solutions while adhering to our core values of quality, safety, honesty, integrity, commitment, and sustainability.

You’re our customer, and we’ll deliver what you expect and more. We have a proven track record, and per your terms, we can offer no-obligation quotes on installations, repair, and maintenance of your railings. So give us a call today, and we’ll get straight to work.

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