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Life in Santa Monica is always beautiful. When you need a new railing for your home or your commercial property, you want it to enhance that beauty. It needs to be high quality, with the strength and safety that your application calls for. You can get the best kind of railings (cable railings) with incredible design from the team at Los Angeles Cable Railing. We can help you add a railing worthy of your home or business, that you won’t have to worry about moving forward. Our railings are guaranteed to never sag, warp or buckle. Learn more about how we achieve that below.

steel cable railings installed by our dedicated railing contractors in Santa Monica

Why Cable Railing?

Cable railings made with steel or stainless steelare the wisest choice for railings. They simply have better performance, features, and looks than the other railing options that are out there. While aluminum railing sags and fails, glass railing distorts light and breaks, and galvanized steel cable corrodes, our steel cable railings are durable for a very, very long time. They also offer:

cable railings bringing aesthetics to the property
  • Enhanced strength: The high-quality cables that we use for our railings are rated to hold 15,000 pounds, or much more than the average car. There are almost no circumstances where the cable will break, so we can design railing systems that will hold back a crowd of people.
  • Salt spray resistance: In Santa Monica, you may need a railing which can be nearby the beach and still hold up without corrosion for many years. Stainless steel cable railings provide that.
  • View: Our cables are so strong that we can choose thin ones which hardly block the view at all. It is easy for our brains to ignore them and focus on the view beyond.
  • No maintenance: Our railings do not require any maintenance. You might want to clean them for dust or dirt—but that’s all.
  • Aesthetics: You might be surprised at the very wide range of styles that we can achieve with our cable railings. Modern, traditional, rustic, coastal, minimal, and much more. Look through our gallery to see our designs.
high standard cable railings installed on deck

Smarter Railing Construction

While a cable railing has the potential to be top-of-the-line, not all are. We separate ourselves from the competition by offering better materials that are installed to high standards as part of exceptional railing design. We offer all-steel construction, and don’t skimp by adding fasteners or brackets in a cheaper material. Our railings are always, square, stable, and flush. Often, we exceed the strength and safety requirements of building codes, even for commercial applications where the regulations are stricter. We can even show you how your railing works with LEED standards and show you that every bolt and swage is proper.

Types of Cable Railings

You can choose from two exceptionally high quality railing options from us: steel cable railings and stainless steel cable railings. While both are primarily made from their high-quality metal, we also offer wood elements that can enhance the look of the railing. Choose a handrail with wood that matches your deck, or add wood to your interior railing to work with your coastal kitchen style. Your new railing will work well with any aesthetic it needs to, inside or outside.

You can use either of our types of railings for:

  • Stair railing
  • Balcony railing
  • Rooftop railing
  • Deck railing
  • Safety railing or guardrail
  • Staircase handrails
  • Commercial railings

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