Cable Railings in Marina Del Rey

There are a lot of railings in Marine Del Rey. Everyone wants a look at the water, the boats, and the palm trees. But, in a high-sun saltwater environment, not too many railings are up for the task. Most develop corrosion and other issues quickly. But at Los Angeles Cable Railing, we can design high-end railings that are up to the challenge of the marina environment. We offer all stainless-steel cable railings that will never sag, warp or buckle. They look great and require no maintenance. Learn more about how we can help you with a cable railing in Marina Del Rey below.

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Our Quality Cable Railings

Cable railings offer superior characteristics that makes them the right choice for any environment with water or saltwater. They’re also exceptional options for indoors, even on the main staircase of your home. Here is what our cable railing systems have to offer:

superior cable railings installed by our team
  • Strength: We prefer to use type 316 marine-grade cables. They are rated to hold up to 15,000 pounds, which is much more than the average car and certainly enough to meet the requirements of building codes. We pair these cables with the right posts, of the right width, spaced properly, to ensure your railing is very strong.
  • Durability: We guarantee that our cable railings will never sag, buckle or warp. Our railings offer exceptional durability and are truly an investment for the long-term.
  • Beauty: Whether you want a simplistic and dark modern look for a metal railing, or you want to add wooden handrails and decorative elements to make a different kind of statement, we can design it. We offer railings that will work with any interior or exterior design. If you’re thinking of something special, talk to us about how we can make it happen.
  • No maintenance: You’ll occasionally want to wipe down our railings for dust or dirt. That’s it. They will not require retightening of any kind. They’re not just low maintenance, they are no maintenance.
  • View: We choose exceptional quality cables so that we can keep them thin. With a thinner profile, they block much less of your view. It is easy to ignore the railing and look at the crystal-clear water or other view beyond it.

Residential Cable Railings

In order to be the right railing for your home, our cable railings need to offer style, safety and durability. They do. From the main staircase inside a home to the balcony staircase, cable railings offer great looks. They meet of exceed building codes, making them safer for pets and children. We design railings that can fit in with any exterior or interior décor look you are trying to achieve. And, whether it is in direct sun all day or shaded, these railings will not require any maintenance.

Commercial Cable Railings

Choosing a railing for your commercial property has its challenges. Likely, you’ll need something that will look good and not drive up maintenance costs moving forward. We can help with exceptional quality cable railing systems designed for your specific property and needs.

Your Quality Railing Contractor

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