Santa Clarita Railing Installation

Your trusted railing contractor in Santa Clarita, CA

Installing a railing is not just a matter of safety, but also improving the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property. Our team prides itself in our dedication to quality railing installations that will serve you for a lifetime.

We’re the best team if you need any railing installations on your staircase, balcony, deck, etc. We use high-quality materials, sophisticated technologies, and expertise to create beautiful designs that will make you proud. Whether you’re looking for a modern or a traditional design, we are the right team for the job.

our team finished this Santa Clarita railing installation
balcony railing installed by our pros

A Wide Range of Railing Installation Services

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we offer many types of cable railing installations, including:

  • Balcony railing
  • Hand railing
  • Safety railing
  • Stair railing
  • And more!

Whether you need a steel cable railing for your small balcony or a mega stair railing, leave it to us. No project is too small or too big for us. You’re our customer, and we’ll work together from the start to the end of your project.

Our Cable Railing Options

Cable railings are fast-growing in popularity in Santa Clarita due to their strength and safety. We use cables that can withstand more than 14,000 pounds of force for longevity, lowering your liability and ensuring safety.

Here are some cable railing options we offer in the Santa Clarita area.

steel cable railing installed

Steel Cable Railings

Whether you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your balcony, deck, or staircase, the steel cable railings suit you well. They’re robust, durable, and flexible to suit any railing installation needs. And we’ll deliver a specific design, shape, and color that compliments any exterior or interior decor style.

stainless steel cable railing installed by our team

Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Made from type-316 marine grade stainless steel, our railings provide excellent tensile strength and high corrosion resistance to weather elements. Consequently, they’re more suited for industrial applications and outdoor locations like the balcony.

steel cable railing with wooden posts

Steel Cable Railing with Wooden Posts

As beautiful as they are, installing steel cable railing with wooden posts requires carpentry and metal fabrication skills. Our team understands this and uses hand-picked wood to assure you of your safety and compliment your deck, balcony, staircase, etc.

Why Choose our Team?

Los Angeles Cable Railing is a team of licensed and insured professionals driven by a passion for delivering what you want at the right time. We pride ourselves on our 20-plus years of offering railing installation in Santa Clarita. We’ve got what you need, whether steel railing, stainless steel railing, or steel railings with wooden posts.

Over time, we’ve assembled a team of professionals who will listen to your needs, offer possible alternatives, and get to work once you agree. We provide excellent customer service to guarantee that you get what you expect.

Also, we’ve built our reputation through dedication, consistency, discipline, and a customer-oriented approach to railing installation. When we partner, you are assured a good value for money railing system. Give us a call today, and we’ll offer a no-obligation quote on your railing installation and discuss how we can meet your plans.

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