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What do businesses and homeowners need from their railings in Malibu? With the incredible beach and mountain views in this area, usually, you just need your railing to get out of the way! We offer cable railing systems that are thin, non-obtrusive, and will help you focus on the natural beauty beyond them. Plus, a cable rail is very strong, durable, and needs virtually no maintenance, which means you won’t have to think about your railing system again. Learn about our exceptional railing systems and why you should have one installed by our team.

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Why Cable Railings?

There are other kinds of railings, but cable railings offer the best features in every dimension.

cable railing systems are installed to higher standards of quality
  • Better views: If your first priority is getting a railing that will block as little as possible of your fantastic view, then cable railings are the right choice. The thin rails are easy for your brain to ignore while you’re looking at the view, and, unlike glass, they do not create light distortions like glare that can undermine the view.
  • Expectations: In Malibu, expectations are high. Homeowners want the best for their home and to impress guests. Business owners know that their customers have similarly high expectations. A cable railing system will ensure that you meet them.
  • No maintenance: Our railings achieve exceptional longevity without even needing maintenance. Beyond wiping down with a wet cloth to pick up dust and dirt, your railing does not require regular work. We guarantee that it will never bend, warp or sag.
  • Improved safety: Our cable railing systems are made of incredibly strong rails which are rated to hold 14,000 pounds. Between these cables and our exceptional design of the system, our railings can hold up to any residential application and to heavy commercial applications too.

How Do Steel and Stainless Steel Cable Railings Compare?

Whether you’re just choosing something simple for your deck railing or need to make an architectural statement with the main stair in your home, both a steel and stainless steel railing will work. So, which should you choose? Here are some things to consider about these two popular options.

  • View obstruction: You might think that a glass railing offers the best unobstructed view, but the glass can create light deflection into your eyes. The least obstructive railing is a stainless steel cable railing, which has the thinnest rails. Also, they run horizontally, which also helps avoid blocking any specific feature of your fantastic landscape. They share that feature with steel cable railings, but not aluminum railings or other metal railing options.
  • Salt spray: In Malibu, it is entirely possible you have a stair rail near the ocean or a deck railing that people drip ocean water over. Salt can be very damaging to metal. That is why we prefer to use type 316 marine-grade cable for these conditions. These cables, and their stainless steel system, perform better than powder-coated vinyl or essentially any other cable option you have in terms of salt spray performance and corrosion resistance.
  • Cost: If all you want is a simple, sleek railing design for your balconies, or you have a need to keep your costs low, a steel railing is a better choice. They offer many of the same benefits as stainless steel, including quality fasteners and a range of finishes, with a lower price tag. As your installer, we’re not naïve to cost concerns and can help you make
  • Additional strength: Sometimes for commercial applications, building code calls for a rail system that can handle more weight. We can fabricate stainless steel railings to be complaint with these specifications. Even when a stair railing needs to be curved, or needs to have thicker cables while still looking sleek, we can make it work.

How Do We Achieve Exceptional Quality?

For those not in the know about the railing industry, it can be hard to discern which railing systems are truly high quality and which are not. Here is how you can assess quality and ensure you’re making a good investment:

  • Consider cable materials: Vinyl-coated and galvanized steel are inferior materials that can break down in the sun, salt, or humidity, of which there is plenty in Malibu. We use marine-grade stainless steel cables, which are at least 1/8 inch thick in order to provide a long-lasting railing.
  • Understand post sizing: Whether metal or wood, the size of the posts matters to keep the railing straight and safe. Wood posts should be at least 4×6 and sometimes 6×6. Metal posts can be smaller and provide the same quality. We’re committed to using only high-quality woods and metal for our posts too.
  • Know the team: The people who install your railing matter as much as the design because they need to get it right. The experienced, thoughtful professionals at Los Angeles Cable Railing are committed to getting it right every time.
  • Assess style: A railing isn’t just a practicality. We believe it should always look good and enhance the style of the space around it. We design aesthetic railings where every detail, from baluster to bracket, works together.

Your Full-Service Railing Team

We offer the high quality rail systems you need to make anything from your decking to your stairs both safe and beautiful. Our team has experience making elegant and stunning systems that are more than just compliant with building codes. Choose a railing that adds more value to your property. Reach out to Los Angeles Cable Railing to discuss your cable railing project in Malibu, CA.

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