You might love the look from your rooftop deck, but not love the view other people have of the deck. In dense cities, you might on at eye-level with people when you’re sitting on your deck. In lower density areas, people standing on the ground or sitting on the second floor of their home may be able to see you on the rooftop deck. There are ways to add privacy without ruining the view that you love. Here are some options.

1. Trellis and Vines

Adding a trellis in any outdoor spot is a great opportunity to veil the space and grow some great vines at the same time. On a rooftop, you’re likely fairly far away from any onlookers, which means that you don’t need too thick vine growth in order to block the view. The further people are, the fewer details they will be able to discern anyway. You can choose trellises with larger gaps.

2. Large Potted Plants

You don’t have to add permanent features to get the privacy that you need. Potted plants that are both tall and thick can provide ample privacy, especially if your rooftop is the largest thing in the area. Plants that come up to even waist height can sufficiently block at an angle that makes you obscured to people below and several feet away from your home.

3. Umbrellas and Canopies

What if people are in taller buildings and may be looking down on your rooftop deck? Then umbrellas or fabric canopies may be a good solution for you. You can buy overly large beach umbrellas and place them on your rooftop. Or you can build a small structure to hold up a canopy.

4. Solid Features

Fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and other solid features may be tall and opaque enough to block the view of your rooftop deck from one or more directions. Plus, adding features like this can make your space much more functional. However, weight is an important consideration. You’ll need a professional architect or engineer’s reassurances that your structure can withstand the weight of the structure safely. Proper installation and safety measures like railings will also be very important.

5. Screens

Simple fabric or wooden screens can also be helpful for blocking the view of your rooftop deck. You don’t need to surround the entire deck with screens but choose which sections most need the privacy depending on how easy they are for people to see from different vantage points. They may also be partly transparent and still provide the privacy that you need by simply disrupting the view.

6. Trees on the Ground

Placing things on your rooftop is not the only solution you have to create privacy. If your rooftop balcony is only one or two stories high, then you may be able to plant trees on the ground which provide the privacy you’re looking for (once at a mature height.) Just be careful not to plant the trees too close to the home or to sewer lines or other underground plumbing.