So, you’ve decided that a cable railing system is probably the railing for you. One of the last things left to consider is the timeline for the project. How long does it take to install a cable railing system? We can tell you upfront that your system could take between a week and a few weeks to complete. The specific timeline of your installation depends on a few factors, which we will discuss at length below.

Fabrication Needs

One of the great things about cable railing systems is that they are completely custom. You can get the exact materials that you want, including unusual wood species or metals with very specific finishes. If you choose metal, you get many advantages, including thinner posts. However, we do need time to fabricate these posts to the right specifications for your railing. Plus, the more posts and the longer handrail, the more fabrication we need to do.

Material Delivery

If you choose an unusual wood species, we might also need to wait on our supplier to provide enough wood for your railing. This is fairly rarebecause we work with quality local suppliers who keep their best woods well in stock. But it could happen. We’ll give you a head’s up beforehand if you might need to wait for the wood that you want for your railing.

Twists and Turns

Twists and turns aren’t just practical elements of your railing that help it fit the space you’re installing it in. You can also add twists and turns as elegant flourishes that make the railing more stylish. Regardless of their purpose, all twists and turns add more time to your installation job. These are critical points of the railing that will be under more stress than a straight portion will. We need extra time to ensure twists are secure and that the cables connected to them will never warp sag, or buckle.

Total Length

As you’d imagine, the longer the cable railing system, the longer it takes to install it. So you get a sense of what kind of timeline you’re looking at, we can complete the installation for a 150ft mostly straight railing in about a week. Railings that are a lot longer could take closer to a month.

The typical balcony is about 10 feet long, meaning that we can complete these in less than a week so long as they are otherwise uncomplicated. The same goes for home staircases, which are typically a bit longer than 10 feet and would take us just a bit longer.

Projects like residential decks, rooftop railings, and larger commercial projects will likely take longer than a week for us to install.

How Long Will Your Cable Railing Installation Take?

We understand that your cable railing installation impacts your timeline for other projects that you need to complete too. If you live in Long Beach, Hollywood, or anywhere in the greater LA area, we can give you an accurate estimate of the total timeline for your project, and we work hard to keep it on track, so you get a lovely finished space when you want it.