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Railing systems are essential for safety and a great railing can improve the aesthetic value of your home or business too. We offer exceptional railings in Glendale that will make your property look better, while offering all the function you need. We take pride in our work and ensure that your cable railing is not only appealing but well-designed, durable, and reliable.

We source the best materials, use state-of-the-art design technologies, and perform premium installations. The result is a beautiful, long-lasting cable rail that will serve you for a lifetime, from the smallest handrail to the largest rooftop railing.

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A Wide Range of Railing Installation Services

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we offer railing design and installation for all applications, including:

  • Balcony railing
  • Hand railing
  • Roof railing
  • Deck railing
  • Stair railing
  • Safety railing
  • Stair railing
  • And more!

Cable railing systems are the best choice for all applications, including indoors and outdoors, small handrails and large roof rails, and both residential and commercial applications.

Why Don’t Other Railings Measure Up?

At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we only offer steel railings and stainless steel railings with very high quality cables. Other railing systems do not make the cut in terms of the quality our customers trust us to provide. Why not? It depends on the type of rail system you’re considering:

  • Aluminum railing: Aluminum will quickly develop corrosion and rust. When it is in contact with other materials it can also cause galvanic corrosion and wear out even faster.
  • Glass railing: The glass infill in these railings looks great in pictures, but not so great in real life. Glass can reflect the sun in odd ways, casting light into your eyes and obscuring your view. Plus, most glass just doesn’t offer the durability we need.
  • Other cable types: Galvanized cable, powder-coated cable and vinyl cable are all inferior cable types that will one day sag, warp or even break. We use stainless steel cables and prefer to use a marine-grade cable rated to 14,000 pounds. These are much higher quality products.

Our steel railings and stainless steel railings are higher quality not just because of their superior materials. We also ensure we are compliant with building codes or exceed them. That includes making square, flush designs with the right post widths and spacing, the right fixtures and brackets, and even custom-welded elements.

We care about the nuts and bolts of our railing design, but also the aesthetics. We offer rail systems with decorative post caps, smooth wooden top rails, and a wow-worthy design that will work with the specific style in your space.

Our Cable Railing Option

steel cable railings installed on balcony

Steel Cable Railings

Not all steel cable railings are created equal, and choosing the wrong railing could mean your system will sag, break, or warp.

Our industrial-grade steel cable railings are rigid for safety and well-spaced to ensure that you can still have a beautiful view of your surroundings. Additionally, they’re highly customizable to suit your specific railing needs. Most importantly, they’re installed to exceed building code requirements so your system will stay taught, strong, and safe.

quality stainless steel railings installed by our pros

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Whether you need a modern, sleek railing system or an antique one, we’ve got you. We design our stainless steel railings to suit your decks, stairways, and porches.

Made from corrosion-resistant type-316 marine grade stainless steel , you can be assured of your cable railing’s longevity and reliability. These all-steel railings also have all stainless steel fasteners, down to the last bracket. That is important to provide consistent resistance to rust and corrosion and ensure the whole railing is high quality, not just the cable.

steel cable railings with wooden posts

Steel Cable Railing with Wooden Posts

We’ve got what you need if you’d like wooden posts or handrails on your cable railings. Our team hand-picks the best hardwood from our local suppliers and installs wood with high attention to safety and durability. Wood posts need to be a little thicker than metal in order to provide the same strength. But. adding wood can make your railing warmer and make it fit in better with certain outdoor and indoor décor styles.

Why Choose our Team?

Los Angeles Cable Railing has been in the railing business for over 20 years. Over this time, we’ve assembled a team of highly skilled, licensed, and insured professionals who love their work. As a local railing contractor, we believe you deserve the best railings for your home, apartment, condo, or commercial property.

When it comes to railings, safety and reliability are two key areas that we always prioritize. Hence, we pride ourselves on our moral and ethical values that have been the backbone of our company. We’re never in a hurry and will take time to listen to your needs, assess the installation site, and offer the best solutions at a good price.

We use high-quality premium materials and equipment in our design and installation of custom railings. And you may wonder why we do so. The answer is that it’s our responsibility to ensure that you get what you expect.

You’re our customer, and you deserve a good value for money installation on your property. Per your plans, we offer affordable financing and a no-obligation quote on installations, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us and experience the best of the best.

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