If you have a wrap-around deck at home or the workplace, installing a cable railing is the perfect way to enhance your exterior. At Los Angeles Cable Railing, we can help you choose an ideal design for your building and handle the installation to guarantee quality. Our railing contractors use high-quality cable railing systems made from various materials and finishes, guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

There are many factors to consider before installing cable railings for your wrap-around decks, such as post materials, finishes, and design. The possibilities for your railing system are endless, and we can customize a unique style that blends perfectly with your architecture without compromising appeal or durability. If you need more clarification about installing cable railings, here are reasons to reconsider.


Like many construction projects, cable railing installation should follow building codes and guidelines. This includes using the appropriate post spacing and railing height. Many building codes stipulate the correct height standards for level runs should be 36 or 42-inch railings and 4-5 feet apart posts for cable railings. If you need more clarification, check with the local jurisdiction or leave the heavy lifting to our experienced team for proper hand and guardrail requirements. We aim to maximize safety on your deck by adhering to safety protocols throughout installation and scheduling maintenance inspections to address minor issues in time.

Ladder Effect

Many homeowners and deck pros are concerned with the climbing risks on the deck, also called the “ladder effect.” However, recent statistics show children’s fall risk from cable railings is lower than from other deck materials. This also applies to wrap-around decks, which are more spacious, as properly installed cable railing systems enhance your home’s safety and your loved ones’ overall well-being. According to the International Code Council (ICC), there’s no sufficient jurisdiction to mandate the height that can be climbed.


When you hire us to install cable railings on your deck, we leverage industry-standard tools to guarantee proper tension and spacing and limit deflection. A well-installed cable railing system should not allow a 4-inch spherical object to pass between the cables. As mentioned, installation should follow building codes and requirements to mitigate safety risks and enhance durability. With that in mind, hiring a reputable railing service ensures everything is in tip-top shape before contractors leave the premises.


Another reason cable railing is suitable for your wrap-around deck is its durability. These systems have high tensile strength and can withstand up to 200 pounds of force. However, this is only possible with proper installation and tensioning. Once you install cable railings, they can last for many years with minimal maintenance. We recommend 316-grade stainless steel for cable railing systems because it is corrosion-resistant and can withstand challenging climates.

Cable railing comes in various design and style options, allowing us to customize your deck according to your preferences. Contact us at Los Angeles Cable Railing to schedule a consultation with our experts. We guarantee top-notch cable railing installation and maintenance services.