Commercial space isn’t always easy to come by in Los Angeles. When you have a rooftop or access to one, turning it into a deck or a usable space is a great way to boost your square footage. Plus, by focusing on your ideal customer and cultivating a rooftop deck that they will really love, you may find that the rooftop deck becomes a major draw for customers. How do you do that? Consider investing in these game-changing features for your commercial rooftop deck.

1. Fire Pits

Fire? On a deck? Yes, you can add a perfectly safe fire pit on your commercial deck. You can use it to keep the space warm, which makes it more comfortable for customers to use later into the night or when it is colder out. You may want to add several smaller fire pits in seating areas if this is your plan. If you want your fire pit to act as cooking

2. Sporting Field

Those who have a large rooftop could consider adding a huge feature, like a sporting field. A tennis court, a basketball court, or other pavement-based courts are ideal for rooftops. If you have a green roof with grass, or you’re willing to add fake grass, you could consider adding a soccer field. Whichever sport will draw your customers or please your tenants the most, you’ll need a second railing around the field to catch the ball and to provide additional safety.

3. Play Pits

Daycares, residential buildings, medical offices, and other businesses need to provide a place for children to play. On the rooftop, you can add a sunken play pit full of balls or other soft objects, which is surrounded on all sides by the rooftop deck. Parents can look down to supervise their children, and the kids can enjoy the space. You don’t need to add an additional railing when the pit is sunken into the roof.

4. Pools

Pools are wow-worthy features that many hotels and residential buildings use to attract guests. If you don’t have the space for the indoor pool you’d like, consider adding an outdoor pool to your rooftop deck. This is an in-depth project, but it can yield amazing results, turning your rooftop into an enviable lounge spot that people want to pay to access.

5. Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Many restaurants use their rooftop to add more seating, but that presents some logistical challenges, including how to routinely get food from your kitchen out to the rooftop. Adding additional cooking space, or just another bar, can help cut down on traffic and make the rooftop more efficient, increasing your profit overall.

Plus, some customers will love sitting at an outdoor bar or peaking into the outdoor kitchen while their food is made.

6. Walking Space

Take a peek online, and you’ll find that many modern buildings are designed with a functional rooftop deck in mind. Some slope downwards, so you can start in the parking lot and walk up onto the rooftop. If you have a building designed like this, you can make the walking space enjoyable, with a track or landscaping flanking the path.